KID Studies Centre research: Young children prefer to learn from confident people Recently, Dr. Birch led and published a study in the Public Library of Science ONE (PLOS ONE), exploring children’s understanding of when a person’s confidence and hesitancy is a cue for their credibility . Read about the study here in Science Daily  

KID Studies Centre research: iPad apps teach kids just as well as humans Young children learn just as well from interactive media as from face-to-face instruction, new KID Studies Centre research has found. Researchers in UBC’s department of psychology compared how well children learned new facts using an iPad app versus being taught in-person by an instructor. The results of the study, recently published in Frontiers in Psychology, found […]

Research: children as young as five can be critical of adults who make overly-confident claims Research from the Psychology departments at Concordia and UBC reveals that children as young as five can gauge when adults are overconfident. From the words for colours to how to tie a shoelace, kids have lots to learn — and for the most part, they depend on others to teach it to them. But whether […]