Donations FAQs


What do you do? And why is your research important? 

Our research team studies the processes involved in ‘social perspective-taking’—that is how children and adults reason about the minds of others and make inferences about the contents of others’ minds. For instance, how do we make inferences about what other people are likely to know or believe?

An important aspect of this work is understanding the relationships between one’s social perspective taking abilities and other aspects of one’s social-emotional functioning, such as the ability to learn from others, communicate effectively with others, be prosocial toward others, and the quality of one’s relationships with others.

As you might imagine, then this work has a lot of practical applications for education and social policy, as well as perhaps less obvious applications for business, politics, medical, legal, and government decision-making.

To find out more please feel free to reach out to us at kidlab”at”


How will my donations be spent?

As a donor, you can have the ultimate say over how your donations are spent.  For instance, you might choose to have your donation go directly toward recruiting and testing child participants from lower SES populations.

Our team is happy to work with you to ensure your donation is directed toward a goal that you are passionate about, or if you prefer we can identify where the funds are currently needed most.



Other than cash donations, are there ways I can help?

Yes, we also accept ‘in kind’ donations, as well as for instance donations of child-friendly books or educational materials for our participating childcare centres and community schools, corporate gift cards to reimburse our family participants, and computer equipment.

Donate by purchasing Indigo e-giftcard (15% of the e-giftcard sale will be returned to us in cash)

For more information, call the KID lab phone number (604) 822-6615, or send an email to  kidlab”at”


We are always trying to expand upon our community network of parents and schools so another way to help is to help spread the word.  You can for instance, post our ads at your community, share this info with a friend, “friend us” on facebook, etc.


Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, we have a charitable donation number for tax purposes and we will issue you a receipt. Companies may also qualify for SR&ED credits. More information can be found here.


Are there any new projects you are especially excited about?

YES! We are currently developing an Online laboratory to help access a broader community sample. We want to bring our work to you!


Aside from donations, how is your research funded?

The majority of our funding comes from Government-funded research grants such as the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada). With government cut-backs and the increasing costs of research we are relying more and more on the generosity of individuals and other sources of funds.